When I moved back home to the Bay Area after college, it was a big transition. While I must admit that California winters are much kinder than New England winters, I guess I didn’t mind it during my undergraduate career because I had a community of friends. We kept warm by making each other laugh and going on coffee dates—and that’s what I missed the most when the holidays started to roll around.
I have always been a fan of cards, and this new found dynamic of having my friends scattered across the globe only made sending out cards more important to me. But being the crafty person I am, I had an even more elaborate plan: to hand make and design a set of holiday cards every year.
I’ve titled this on-going greeting card series Sincerely, Cindy.

#1 in the series: "Greetings from San Francisco" (2017)
Materials used: carving rubber, carving tools, acrylic paint, cardstock

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